Following from our last notice it is important to note the following;

1. Application for policy cover is dependant on the completion of the necessary paperwork to legal representatives, and is not dependant on the finality of litigation on outstanding claims, as this could take many years. At the moment, the paperwork is 90% finalised and from this depends on the status of any claim including road, circuit and MX.

2. The possible cause of any such claims need to be established, particularly in connection with a circuit claim from Mondello Park. Currently, this is holding up consideration of any policy to MCI. Meetings with legal representatives are in hand in relation to this.

3. An off road application will be presented in the very near future to the underwriters

through the UK brokerage who have access to the sports insurance market. As it

currently stands there is no cover available for Southern Ireland.

4. New personal liability laws passed by government will assist. It will take some time and a

test case to establish the level of such liability. It will not be in the interest of the legal

profession to promote such new laws.

5. New health and safety; risk assessment; critical incident; critical incident response;

track layout certification, and general competition rules are being written for off-road, circuit and road racing competitions, and are 90% completed.

We remain positive that insurance will be forthcoming. It may not be cheap, it will definitely include the need for PA insurance from every competitor and a licensing policy. We are also exploring an option for an excess to any possible policy.

We will keep everyone informed on progress.

Yours in sport,

MCI Insurance Committee