The appointed MCI insurance committee have now sat on a number of occasions in meetings to review the current situation regarding insurance. These meetings have been focused on reviewing the current impasse with the underwriters, planning a new approach and to arrange further meetings with the nominated brokerage.

Regarding our plan of action

In order to move forward, we must first look back and take the following steps.

1. Review all unresolved claims.

2. Formulate a credible stance on such claims.

3. Meet the legal representatives.

4. Write new safety standards for all disciplines.

5. Review GCR’s.

6. Set up training programmes for all marshals, officials, riders.

It will be understood that this work takes time, and we thank everyone for their patience on this matter. Without taking the adequate time to fully review our situation we cannot present any reasonable proposal to insurers.

Regarding future proposals

Future Proposals will include;

1. Off road policy (MX, Enduro, Trials, Touring etc)

2. Tarmac policy (Circuit, Road)

3. Combined policy.

Regarding training

We are currently taking steps with the rest of the committee of Motorcycling Ireland to work on training/coaching programmes for marshals, officials and riders across all disciplines. Further information on this will be released in due course. This is aimed at increasing safety, awareness and participation in the sport.

While we understand this is not the positive news everyone is hoping for, we are making progress. Further communications will be released as and when we have more updates.

Yours in sport,

MCI Insurance committee.