Motorcycling Ireland can now announce that we have set up a sub-committee within the new board of management, who’s main goal is to obtain insurance for MCI, its officials, events and competitors. On the 2nd August 2023, the new sub committee, consisting of Daire Lowe, Nick Craigie, Graham Sheehan, Paul Power and Alex Sinclair (expert), held their first meeting to evaluate the insurance situation and what the next steps should be to progress with this issue.


MCI’s main priority is to gain insurance to cover all of our disciplines. ·If a situation arises where the only option is to cover some of our disciplines, all options will be discussed and we will continue as a unified union.


Time must be taken for the new committee to locate and familiarise themselves with all documentation from the previous management, of the insurance situation to date. All previous documentation must be reviewed including emails, letters, paper documents, and other correspondences. Claims history to be extended to the past 20 years and reviewed by the sub committee. All committee members now feel like they have a better understanding of the difficulty facing the centre, and remain committed to moving forward as soon as possible.

The sub committee will now move forward with proceeding, and aim to conclude its report on or before 31-10-2023. Further action will be announced at that time.


New website is currently under construction along with social media which will soon be the official platform for all new information coming directly from Motorcycling Ireland.




David McCann President Motorcycling Ireland