One of the best international classic trials is the Costa Brava Two Day, held this year on November 18-19, which attracts riders from all over and this year for the first time included an Irish contingent.
The organisers, Moto Club 2d Costa Brava, aim to recover the practice of Trials and motorcycle-hiking, an essential modality in the practice of the sport and deeply rooted in their region. Their philosophy is very simple: practice the sport in incomparable places and enjoy it in a different way, with family, friends, colleagues, while sharing nature, the environment and bringing the Trial closer to everyone, and they certainly achieved this.
The Irish team consisted of Frank Blackbyrne Adam Harris Mark Harris Chris Hampshire Jamie O’Rourke Andy Perry and Richie O’Rourke
All seven riders completed and finished the 2 day event which consisted of 20 sections per day across a 35km route
Adam Harris did the team extremely proud by finishing 1st in his class with an outstanding win and some amazing riding
The organising of the event was incredible the friendly atmosphere and inclusion of all riders families and friends made it a very enjoyable event and we thank Joan Comas for inviting the Irish team and acknowledging the 120 years of the Motorcycling  union of Ireland
Well done everyone
Yours in sport
Rebecca Hampshire
MCUI President 2023